Weekly Photo Challenge (Morning)(Quest)

I am using these photos for two different challenges at once. Truth is, with my career, I don’t do mornings very often.  But when I do… it usually means solitude, beauty, adventure, and an amazing inner feeling of serenity.  Since taking up photography as a hobby a few years ago, it has really become a quest of mine to seek out these places and moments that give me that feeling that words often fail to express.  Numinous is a word I like for this sense.  Although numinous often implies a religious experience, for me the American Heritage dictionary definition is more accurately describing my experience of the numinous— 1.Filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence: a numinous place.  2.Spiritually elevated; sublime.  For me, this usually means getting away from the man made world as much as possible, and letting its more ancient, natural sibling take over.  It is a feeling I never tire of. It puts me completely in the present moment.  My other quest is to try to convey this feeling I experience in the photos I take.  If I ever take a photo that can accurately express it, I will have succeeded as a photographer.  I haven’t managed it yet, but hey, if it was easy it would not be a quest.


(Very) Early morning Alaska


Fisherman headed out to sea.  6 am on the inside passage Alaska


7 am in the Endicott Arm fjord. Alaska


The Dawes Glacier in the morning sun


The face of the Glacier backlit by the sun


The walls of the fjord


Morning mist at the Mendenhall Glacier (the bottom left side of the glacier can be seen in more detail in the next shot)

Mendenhalll 3FB

Face of the Mendenhall with 10 people approaching it in a boat


The mountains of the White Pass valley stripped nearly bare by glaciers.  Morning north of Skagway


Pitchfork Falls in the early morning.  Not another human soul in sight.


Quiet morning in the Tongass National Forest


Solitary mushroom growing on the rainforest floor


The Cathedral at Pisa in the early morning (before the hordes descend)


Morning in a field in the 100 Mile Wilderness, northwest of Bangor Maine


Iceberg floating in the morning sun



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