Weekly photo challenge (Merge)

My first ever attempt at merging more than one shot…


After looking at the first image, I felt a little further tweaking would improve it, so here is the next step…


6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge (Merge)

  1. For a first effort this is pretty darn good!!
    The second definitely has more “pop.” Though having the fireworks shooting out of the middle of nowhere, from what appears to be water, seems a little “off” to me though. Nice touch adding the reflection in the second image by the way. Still, 100% better than I have ever done, considering I have no idea how to composite photos like this.

    • Thanks. I get what you are saying about the placement of the fireworks. I actually raised the exposure and placed them at the actual shoreline, but had to reduce the exposure to make the rest of the image look right, so the shoreline is not easily visible. Side note- For your first attempt at compositing, don’t use a shot of fireworks! I had to remove the background of the works shot, which was complicated to put it nicely.

      • And that my friend is why I don’t do these kind of compilations. I haven’t got the patience to learn it well. Frustration, and me wanting to throw my laptop through the window usually are the result 😉

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