Weekly photo challenge (Unfocused)

The following were my attempts to make the most of some unfocused shots


This was an intentionally blurred shot of my Christmas tree in 2010…


In this one, I was going for a Bob Ross effect.  He hosted a show called The Joy of Painting on public tv…


This out of focus shipwreck reminded me of Monet, so I went with it…


This shot is literally from the first day I had my camera. I like the noirish feel of it…


This one started life as a blurry photo of a homemade dock in the reeds by a lake.  I messed around with it to make something abstract.  I think this looks like a birds eye view of a girl with long hair twirling around.  I call it “The spinner”

Other takes that I like:

Observations of the heart

Jeff Sinon Photography



9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge (Unfocused)

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