Weekly photo challenge (Simple)

Tried to use images that are as uncluttered visually and thematically as possible.  May try a second take on this later in the week, as I find thinking about the less is more approach very interesting



Fern leaves in b&w

lemon1 003

Lemon Slice




“Eternal Love?”


“Sidewalk art”


“Ingrained beauty”


“Wild Grass”


“Shasta- rific!”


22 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge (Simple)

    • Thankyou for the nice comment. It is always really nice to know that someone else enjoys the photos I take. My family always likes them, but they’re family. They are legally required to like them! That makes it all the more gratifying when I hear something like this from people whom I do not know. Thanks again.

    • Thanks jfb. I would repeat what I just replied to Nelson to you also. It is really nice to hear that someone else enjoyed a photo I shot. Outside of pleasing my own eye, that is my main hope when I take them. Thanks again

  1. Wow … this was a great collection, all of them very well suited for the ‘Simple’ theme. I totally fell for the ‘Wild Grass’..

  2. Thank you for these photos. The one that really jumped out at me is “Eternal Love”. My parents are called Bill and Brenda. They were married for 44 years before my mother passed away. I’m going to send your link to my Dad so he can see.
    Thank you.

    • What a cool coincidence. I pass by this declaration in concrete on my way to my favorite beach bar all the time. I have often wondered if the declaration has outlasted the actual romance, which is what made me decide to shoot it. I like the idea that there is a Bill and Brenda out there that did last.

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