A halftime moment

I was watching the NY Giants vs the Green Bay Packers at a lakefront restaurant that has outdoor seating.  (You can dine outdoors in January in Central Florida).  I was not there to take photos, but I did have the camera with me.  At halftime, I walked the short distance to the waters edge.  It was my good luck that halftime and sunset coincided.


I take a lot of sunset photos, because I am fascinated by the quality of the light.  As I was shooting , I heard what sounded like a lawnmower in the sky.  I turned and saw this ultralight.  It looked so small against the afternoon sky that I shot a couple of frames, even though I only had a 35mm prime lens with me at the time.  This photo is not the best I have ever shot, but I like the sense of scale it gives. 



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